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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Latest Free Agent Talk In The NBA

The latest free agent talks are surprising indeed. The Pistons have reportedly been speaking with Charlie Vilanueva and Hedo Turkoglu, both huge parts of their previous teams. Not to mention the Bulls thre point guy, Ben Gordon. Hedo and Gordon can rain down threes and Vilanueva has a great inside game. The three would be huge assets to the Pistons who are losing Sheed Wallace. Wallace, who gained hi free agency after a good run with the Pistons, has been talking to the Celtics, who would be a completely dominant force with Garnet, Pierce abd Wallace together, not to mention their up and coming star Rondo.

The Magic are looking pretty hurt after losing Hedo, but not for long. The Magic have made a financial commitment to Vince Carter. The long time all-star would be a huge addition to the Magic's all ready high powered team. However, the Magic lose Courtney Lee, Rafer Alston, and Tony Battie.

Carlos Boozer on the other hand has refused to become a free agent along with Okur and Korver. All three played huge roles in the Jazz's success this past year.

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  1. i would like to see something on a controversial topic regarding white nba players not being given as much credit because of their skin color. im specifically referencing all the shit tyler hansbrough as been taking lately both before and after the draft.

    andrew p.