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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rest In Pease Air Mcnair

On Saturday, former Titans quarterback Steve Mcnair was found dead in his condo with multiple gunshot wounds, one to the head. A woman was also found dead a few feet from Ncnair, next to the woman police found a pistol. The woman has been identified as Sahel Kazemi. she was apparently a friend of Mcnairs.

Thirty-six year old Mcnair played a total of thirteen years in the NFL and recorded 174 Touchdowns, over thirty-one thousand yards and a passer rating of 82.8. He was also a three time probowler. Truly great numbers for a truly great player.

Derrick Mason, a receiver that played with Mcnair for the Ravens had this to say of Mcnair. "On the field, there isn't [a] player that was as tough as him, especially at the quarterback position."

Mcnair who accounted for all of the Titans yards on the last drive of the 2000 Superbowl, including fourty-eight pass yards and fourteen rushing yards, will truly be missed. Though the Titans did not force the game to overtime and could not get that extra yard they needed to do it, Steve Mcnair was looked at as a hero.

Rest In Peace Air Mcnair..... you will be missed.

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  1. dis is so sad man. mcnair deserved 2 live. great blog bra.